Ordering and Delivery

How far in advance should I order?

You can place your order up to 1 day in advance before 4:00 PM. After 4 p.m. you can call the store until closing time. We will then check for you whether an order for the next day is still possible.

Does Koekela also deliver to my address?

We only deliver within the Rotterdam city center with a minimum spend of €50. Using the zip code check you can check whether Koekela also delivers to you.

How much are the delivery costs?

We deliver for orders over €50. We charge €6.95 delivery costs per order. Delivery is free for orders over €100.

Can I also order on account?

We do not deliver on account. Do you have a catering business and would you like to purchase Koekela products? Please contact us at info@koekela.nl

How do I know if my internet order was successful?

Your order will be confirmed by email. If you have not received confirmation, the order is not final! Please try again or call the store.

I have a complicated order, does that have to be done via the webshop?

No, if you want to order a lot and/or place a lot of different orders, you can always call our store and we will be happy to help you. Of course only during opening hours. Or send an email to info@koekela.nl

Allergens and Dietary Information

Wat zijn jullie vegan producten?
Do you also sell sugar-free pastries?

We have a vegan apple pie in our range baked by Rose&Vanilla. This 1-person product contains only the natural sugars of the fruits.

I have a nut allergy. Do you also have products without nuts?

We sell a large number of products without nuts. Because all our products are baked in the same environment, it is possible that these products contain traces of nuts. Check the allergen overview on the product page or ask our store staff which products are suitable for you.

Do you also sell gluten- and/or lactose-free products?

Our carrot-nut muffin and cake are lactose-free. These products are prepared without milk and butter. We have 4 different gluten-free bars in our range that we do not bake ourselves but purchase specially. The bars are individually pre-packed so that they do not come into contact with our products that do contain gluten. We also sell a 1-person vegan apple pie, carrot cake and chocolate-coco cake that we purchase from Rose&Vanilla and are gluten and lactose free (may contain traces of gluten).

Which Koekela cakes contain alcohol?

Our nut cake contains a small amount of alcohol. During the baking process, the alcohol almost completely evaporates and only the subtle taste of the Brandy remains.

I am pregnant, can I eat Koekela cake?

We only use pasteurized dairy ingredients in our products and use pasteurized egg whites for our foam.

Other questions

I bought a frozen cake, what is the best way to thaw it?

Our cakes are made with care and love. To preserve quality and taste as best as possible, almost all our cakes are frozen immediately after baking. It is best to put a frozen cake in the refrigerator the night before you are going to eat it. Want to defrost your cake faster? Place the frozen cake out of the refrigerator in a safe place. The defrosting time varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours and depends on the type of cake and the weather conditions. It is best to remove a thawed cake or slice from the refrigerator 15 minutes before serving. Enjoy it!

Can I also order (several) individual cake slices?

You cannot order individual slices of cake in advance, but they can be purchased in our store.

Can I also order a custom-made cake for a birthday, for example?

We do not make custom cakes, but we can personalize the cakes from our regular range with a shield with text (max. 30 characters) and/or a photo print on edible paper. For more information, prices and to order these shields, please visit the product pages: Text on shield and Photo on shield . Please order 1 day in advance.

Do you also sell gift vouchers?

We sell gift vouchers from € 10.00. The gift voucher can only be purchased and redeemed in the store. The value of the gift voucher does not have to be spent in one go. Gift vouchers can be redeemed in both stores.

Can I reserve a table?

You cannot reserve a table with us.

Do you also serve high tea?

Sweets are our specialty and our passion, which is why we do not serve a traditional high tea (sweet and savory). We do serve a delicious tasting, where you get a selection of our bars and cookies with coffee or tea for 2 people or more. You can expand the tasting with a slice of cake or a scone. You do not need to make a reservation for the tasting.

Is Koekela wheelchair accessible?

You can enter us with a wheelchair. Please let our staff know and they can help you. Unfortunately, our toilets can only be reached via stairs, so they are not accessible to wheelchair users.

Can I bring my dog ​​inside?

Unfortunately, your sweet four-legged friend is not allowed inside. We do not find this hygienic because of our open kitchen.

Does Koekela have any more branches?

Koekela currently has 2 branches; in Rotterdam and The Hague. Click here for more information about our stores.

Can I also enjoy Koekela products in other places?

Would you like to enjoy Koekela products in other places in Rotterdam, or beyond? then look here for the locations .

Is your question not listed?

We have done our best to answer as many frequently asked questions as possible. Is your question not listed? Please contact us.